Company information
EcoSparkles ApS, 
c/o Stofberg 
Vestervang 149 
6650 Brørup
CVR: DK38015036
Email: info@ecosparkles.dk
Telephone: 28773802
All prices stated on the website are incl. VAT.
Payment for web orders takes place via payment card, processed by Shopify Payments, or via MobilePay payment, processed by QuickPay.
All orders placed on www.ecosparkles.dk are packed and shipped twice a week. We endeavor to ship every Monday and Thursday. If you want your order shipped quickly, just send a message here and we will pack and ship the next day at the latest.
We ship with PostNord and the delivery time is usually 1-2 working days from dispatch. You choose delivery to the door or parcel shop when completing the purchase. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose which parcel shop is delivered to, but PostNord always tries to deliver to the one closest to your address. 
When your package has been shipped, you will receive an email from us with a tracking number. 
The company's product liability
All our products are tested and approved for cosmetic use. And we are covered by statutory product insurance in the event of personal injury when using our products. We are also licensed by our manufacturers Bio-glitter®, who are responsible for the use of our products. Our mica cannot be eaten and therefore cannot be used in cooking, it is a cosmetic product, developed for use on skin, hair and nails, not for consumption. 
You can return your purchases to EcoSparkles within 14 days of receipt if the products are unused and in original packaging. Read more about our return policy here

Data processing
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Appeal options
Any complaints about our products can always be brought to us via our email info@ecosparkles.dk and we will always do our best to find a common solution. If this cannot be achieved, we refer to the complaints portal. The purpose of the complaints portal is to give consumers easier access to complain about goods or services bought online by a seller from another EU country. The complaint portal has been introduced in Denmark by the Consumer Complaints Act .
A complaint procedure according to the new rules takes place as follows:

  1. The consumer submits a complaint in his own language on the complaint portal . The complaint must contain a description of the factual circumstances relating to the complaint and which powers the consumer will assert
  2. The complaint portal then translates the complaint into the seller's language (this happens automatically with machine translation and it will therefore be exciting to see the quality of this)
  3. The seller is given the opportunity to propose which complaint resolution center or complaint board the complaint should be processed by. An example of such a center in Denmark will e.g. be the Consumer Complaints Board
  1. After that, it is up to the consumer:
    1. If the consumer accepts the chosen complaint body, the complaint is sent to the complaint body, which will then process the complaint and make a decision
    2. If the consumer does not accept the chosen complaint body, the complaint will not be forwarded, and the complaint portal will then do no further
It is voluntary whether the seller will use the complaint portal or not. The seller can therefore choose at any time not to participate in the complaint process. If the seller refuses to participate in the complaint process, the consumer will still have the opportunity to file a complaint with the relevant complaint body.
If you, as a Danish consumer, want to complain about an internet purchase from a Danish company, you should not use the new complaints portal, but contact the relevant Danish complaints centers or complaints boards directly

Contact Information
Managing director: Nanna Stofberg
Direct email: nanna@ecosparkles.dk
Direct telephone: +44 7422 654 294

We reserve the right to unilaterally change our prices and trading conditions with immediate effect. 

Laws and venue
EcoSparkles ApS is a Danish company and we are therefore covered by Danish laws. Any case regarding non-compliance (lawsuit) must be brought to the district court in Esbjerg