We are very happy how many of the you love glitter as much as we do. We simply receive so many inquiries about sponsorships and different types of collaborations.
EcoSparkles is a small sole proprietorship, run by a single woman and although we would love to be able to do collaborations without charge with all of you, there is no finance for this when we also want to support our heart project in Ecuador - Amazoonico.
So please read below which projects we see possible collaborations with and which are not taken into account.
Possibly yes to sponsor:
Beach cleans
Waste collections
Climate protests
Feminism and women's struggles
Animal welfare and wildlife protection
No to sponsorship:
Festive initiatives
Festival camps
Roskilde and Clean out Loud
Makeup artists
Photo shoots
Sports events
Private parties
Festival celebrities
Goodie bags
Fashion brands
If you are in doubt as to whether you meet our requirements, send an email to info@ecosparkles.dk
If we receive inquiries about what has been made clear above, we reserve the right not to retain.
The vision behind EcoSparkles is to give back to the earth through our profits. Every year we support a project in Ecuador - Amazoonico - which works with the protection of the rainforest and the rehabilitation of wild animals rescued from captivity.
You can read more about the project and their work here