What are EcoSparkles made of?

Our products are made from a plant film (cellulose) from primarily eucalyptus wood pulp, grown in European plantations under responsible forestry standards - PEFC

In addition, the products contain cosmetic pigments, vegetable oil from rapeseed, water, aluminium, mica, styrene and shellac.

We have a page about ingredients and biodegradability here. We recommend a read there for more in-depth answers.


Do you make the glitter yourself?

No, we are not manufacturers of biodegradable glitter. But we are official resellers of Bioglitter®, which is the company behind the product. We have worked closely with them since the start of 2016 and were the third company in the world to launch the products to the consumer - you - this means we have been with the journey since the start and we have a fantastic relationship with the head office in Germany.

You will see on our packaging that their logo is also displayed, this is because for us Bioglitter® is a seal of quality! We are super proud to be able to offer this to you and with the bioglitter logo you can be sure that you are always dealing with a company that is both socially, economically and environmentally ethical.


Can I eat it!?

No... You cannot eat a product that is produced to be used cosmetically.


Do EcoSparkles contain any genetically modified ingredients?

No, all our products are GMO free.


Are there heavy metals in EcoSparkles?

No, our products are free of heavy metals and certified ok for cosmetic use.


How is the product biodegradable?

We carry three types of glitter here at EcoSparkles, our Sparkle collection which has been tested and proven naturally degradable up to 87% within 28 days in mild environments such as streams and lakes and our Holo and Shimmer ranges which is certified 92% naturally degradable in the same environments.

Over a longer period of time (1-6 months), the products are respectively certified 90% biodegradable for Sparkle, 95% for Holo and 98% biodegradable for Shimmer, which is what you call fully biodegradable.

There are some ingredients in the products that cannot be certified degradable as these are minerals, this applies to Mica and the cosmetic pigments.


Can I carry out biodegradable tests myself?

Yes, you can, but you must be aware that microorganisms must be present for the product to break down. So you can't just pour it into a glass of water and expect it to dissolve.

But you can e.g. pour some into your garden and see how the glitter will fade over time. However, expect a longer degradation period in times when it is cold and or dry.


Will my glitter fade over time in the pot?

No, there is no durability limit on the glitter. It has a so-called unlimited "shelf-life"

However, this product has only been on the market for 8 years, so we don't know what it will look like after 10 years in the pot. But hopefully you will have used it before long!


Are EcoSparkles flammable?

Yes, as the product is primarily made from plant material, this is flammable. We therefore recommend not using it to add e.g. ceramics that must be fired at high temperatures. Or that it is added to candles and wax melts, we do not know how it will react and cannot take responsibility for use for this.


What is your packaging made of?

Our containers for the loose glitter are made of glass with aluminum screw lids. We have chosen glass as this is infinitely reusable and we think the small glasses are fantastically cute. They are also very stable and do not break when placed in the cosmetic bag. We definitely recommend that you buy refill bags and refill your glasses when you run out of your favorite sparklers.

Our refill bags and bulk bags are made of glassine, which is a type of wax-treated paper. They are very strong and slightly transparent. We close these bags with a label made of plant film and vegan glue.

Our mega pots are made of aluminum with a transparent plastic lid.


Can I use EcoSparkles on children?

Yes, you sure can! And they love glitter the little souls. However, we recommend that you are careful not to place glitter too close to the eyes of children, as they may well be frightened if they rub the glitter into their eyes too much. Our glitter is super soft, so it won't damage corneas, but it's not nice either.


Can I use the glitter close to my own eyes?

Yes you can. The glitter is cosmetically certified and FDA approved.

So go nuts with lots of sparkly makeup, we do not recommend using our super chunky glitter as eyeshadow, as the flakes are large and not comfortable to wear on the eyelid.


What about the lips?

As our Sparkly and Holo ranges contains 0.1% aluminium, we cannot recommend that you use this type on the lips. But our Shimmer glitter is FDA approved for use on lips.


Can I use EcoSparkles for nail art?

Yes, you can use EcoSparkles on your nails and in nail art. Our Sparkly and Holo ranges can soften the shine if it comes into contact with solvents such as acetone. Shimmer and Shimmer Iridescent, on the other hand, will not soften the shine and are really usable in all types of nail products. If you use the glitter with ordinary nail polish, make sure to encapsulate the glitter with a thick top coat, otherwise the colour and shine will fade quickly. You can use both Sparkly, Holo and Shimmer in both gel and acrylic nails.


Can I risk color bleeding on the glitter?

Yes, unfortunately we occasionally see a bit of color bleeding from some of our glitters. These are primarily Oceana and the mixes that contain super chunky dark blue glitter, as well as the glitters that contain super chunky dark green.

You don't have to be afraid if you experience a bit of contamination, this is because our glitter is not thickly coated with plastic. So a few consumers will find that the glitter reacts with the PH value in their skin and causes the color to bleed.

It is removed again by softening the affected skin with coconut oil for 15 minutes and then washing with a mild soap and a cloth. It is completely harmless and you will not experience any harm afterwards.


What is your glue made of?

We get our glitter glue produced in Germany by a cosmetics company. It is made from different types of plant oils and is water-based so it is natural, easy to apply and easy to remove again after use. We have also had the glue dermatologically tested to be sure that it does not harm even sensitive skin and it has been called "the best on the market" countless times.

The glue is vegan and not tested on animals.


How do I become a reseller of EcoSparkles?

You simply send us a message here and we will send you a catalog with price lists, all information about our glitter and a color chart, as well as an order list.

The minimum order for the first time you order is dkk 3000 plus VAT and shipping.

The minimum order for refills is dkk 2600 plus VAT and shipping.


Shipping and handling?

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If there is still something that you don't think you got answered, you are always welcome to send us an email at - and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We also refer to our manufacturers website if you want more complete answers on ingredients and to see test results.