• Rainbows - Glitter kit
  • Rainbows - Glitter kit
  • Rainbows - Glitter kit
  • Rainbows - Glitter kit

Rainbows - Glitter kit

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We are proud to offer a wide variety of kits and gift sets here at EcoSparkles. We have spent a lot of time putting together the different bundles so that all glitters compliment each other, can be used individually and all tell a story from the heart.

All our kits also include a brush and a glitter glue.

The basic ingredient in our glitter is cellulose from primarily eucalyptus wood. This plant film is coloured with natural cosmetic pigments and 0.1% aluminum for the shiny effect. Due to plant film, you will find that our glitter is much softer (up to 40%) than traditional plastic glitter and it is certified safe for cosmetic use on skin and near eye areas.

  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Fresh water and marine safe
  • Vegan
  • FDA approved pigments
  • No GMO ingredients
  • Also stable for use in creative projects


  • Glass with aluminum lid
  • Glue In aluminum bucket
  • Bamboo glitter brush (vegan)
  • Hexagon shaped
  • The weight may vary slightly from glass to glass

Glitter in this set:

  • Scarlett
  • Orange
  • Gold
  • Emerald
  • Turquoise
  • Oceana
  • Lilac

Ingredients: 90% cellulose, 8% styrene, 0.1% aluminium, cosmetic pigments (more information here )