I am the woman behind EcoSparkles. The dream of this whole project came after a trip to Ecuador back in 2016. The first three months of that year I worked in a wildlife rescue project deep in the Amazon rainforest, and when I came home to Denmark, I could feel that my future would involve work for a better future for our environment and nature.

Actually, the plan was for me to start university and study for "disaster manager", so that I could work in the field after natural disasters and help people and animals in need. But when the opportunity to start my own business with EcoSparkles practically landed in my lap, I chose to bet everything and go "full on" in glitterland. A decision I have never regretted.

I have always had a great love for our nature and the animals around us, so the way in which our entire biodiversity and environment, both here in Denmark, but also the rest of the world suffers from pollution cuts me deep in the heart.

Although I know very well that glitter is not the solution to all our environmental challenges, it is a place where we as consumers can make a change in our consumption. Plastic mica is made of PET (the same as soda bottles) which never breaks down and since mica is in such small particles, it is in practice pure microplastic and nothing else.

Through EcoSparkles, I also have the opportunity to send financial support to fantastic projects that work hard to take care of our nature. I do this, among other things. through our "EcoSparkles Pledge" which promises that we will send 8% of our annual profits to Amazoonico in Ecuador - the place where this whole dream and passion got extra flare to start with.

Today I live in England with my partner Sam, whom you can often meet at markets and festivals when we are away, we moved here in 2020. In Denmark, I have hired my beautiful mother to pack and send orders for me 2 times a week, so today it is almost a small family business, so that together we can spread glitter joy at home and abroad.

Thanks for reading // Nanna Stofberg, owner and founder of EcoSparkles